Bridging the performance gap - Understanding predicted and actual energy use of buildings

BRE’s Andy Lewry says ‘Buildings rarely perform as well as their designers predicted – energy consumption and costs can be as much as double what was expected with damaging financial implications for occupant organisations. This ‘performance gap’ and how we tackle it is one of the most critical challenges faced by the built environment sector. As well as outlining the issues, the presentations show how a freely available tool can be used to find the solutions and how M&T can aid this.’  

CATUK at Eco Technology Show 2014

Last year the CATUK team completed a massive journey travelling over 2,500 miles to over 15 events over just 16 days. Here they are at the finishing post: The Eco Technology Show 2014.

Eco Technology Show 2014 on Latest TV

Nearly 3,500 visitors flocked to the annual Eco Technology Show 2014, with trade visitors making up 85% of the attendees -- a complete turnaround on the visitor profile of 2013. Who is going to be attending this year?